Typical standard tunings are $145 (plus tax), and somewhat more for a concert tuning or recording quality type of tuning. The same rate is applied for upright and grand pianos.

There are no hidden charges or surprise fees. Your rate depends on anticipated repairs, length of time between tuning, distance, and urgency. Clients are treated fairly, and prices are reasonable.

Standard tuning includes pitch adjustments on all 88 keys, inspection of every key for continuity and ease of movement, recommendations for various services (adjustments, repairs or replacement), and a general report of the condition of your piano.

Repairs are extra, but they are very reasonably priced - usually in the $25 - $50 categories. Often, many small repairs are made for free during the tuning process. Naturally, repairs that are time-consuming (e.g.broken hammers, missing strings, keys that are stuck or make no sound, etc.) will have associated fees.

Pianos that have not been serviced in many years will most likely require a $85 pitch raise (i.e., bringing a piano near its ideal pitch before fine tuning). This requires quite a bit of extra time and care since all 230+ strings are raised, then they quickly drop in a few minutes . . . then raised again . . . and again if necessary, then tuned and checked. Severe pitch corrections may require a 2nd tuning in a couple of months, but after that, most pianos remain quite stabile and are able to go on a normal tuning schedule (6 months to a year).

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